Make Sense

by Endless Sundown

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Make Sense, nouvel EP du groupe ENDLESS SUNDOWN, se veut émotionnel, énergique, éthique. Éthique par sa sincérité, sa recherche de la prise parfaite et d'un son authentique. À une époque où la musique, peu importe le style, devient artificielle, Make Sense nous prouve qu'une production moderne peut se marier avec élégance avec des méthodes d'enregistrement traditionnelles.
Cet EP représente une parfaite alchimie entre 4 musiciens, et l'ingénieur du son, Hervé Faivre, d'Improve Tones Studio. Chaque note, chaque émotion, chaque battement est retranscrit tel qu'il a été interprété.
Make Sense parle de la dualité, du paradoxe, de la difficulté à rentrer dans l'âge adulte. Une vision d'enfant qui met en lumière les aspects obscurs de la vie. La beauté est omniprésente, et c'est ce qu'essaie de faire ressortir Endless Sundown à travers cet EP.

Imparfait et méticuleux, Make Sense raviera les fans d'Alice In Chains, Radiohead, System Of A Down.



released May 4, 2017

Endless Sundown:

Barth Sky - Chant
Julien Mailland - Basse
Quentin Machtelinckx - Batterie
Victor Erler - Guitare/choeurs

Enregistrement/Mixage: Herve Faivre - Improve Tone Studios
Master : Basalte Studio



all rights reserved


Endless Sundown Lyon, France

Endless Sundown est un groupe de rock alternatif qui a vu le jour à Lyon.

Notre musique (euh comment dire ?), on appelle ça rock alternatif. C'est surtout bien pratique car c'est un fourre-tout ! Notre univers est à la fois sensible et poétique, tout en se mêlant à quelque chose de brutal et puissant.

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Track Name: Down The Rabbit Hole
Will I ever be able to open my heart
Cannot feel the edge of me
Don’t wanna run away don’t know where to start
I sometimes wonder what is it I can’t see
But do you feel love ? X4
I’m holding my arms together
I won’t try to suffer
‘Cause I’m lost at home
A place to rest became to roam.
But do you feel love ?
Do you feel the hate ?
Oh tell me what to feel
Do you feel love ?
Something I could steal.

Love the hate. The hate we have for eachother.
Let me protect you from myself.
Let me ruin you (and fall together) Let me ruin you (and fall together)
One becomes two when we lie to death.

Like a pile of sand I crumble through the wind of you
Like a roaring storm I’ll destroy everything (for us)
Looking at my palms I wonder

When will fear be through
But what is love anyway ?
What’s left to discuss.
So let’s make love
And feel the hate
So let’s make love
Consume our fate

Hate the love. The love we have for eachother.
Let me protect you from myself.
Let me ruin you (and fall together) Let me ruin you (and fall together)
One becomes two when we lie to death.

Take my hand and forget what we are
One becomes two forever appart
Numb ourselves to sleep
Until we don’t know who we are
One becomes two, forever appart

Love the hate. The hate we had for eachother.
Let me protect you from myself.
Let me ruin you (and fall together) Let me ruin you (and fall together)
One becomes two when we lie to death.
Track Name: Dirty Feet
Look through the hole
Falling back from a cloud
Find your shelter
Like a stray soul walk away from the crowd
These ropes won’t hold forever

When everything seems lost
Hey everything seems lost
A piercing sound for the blind dancing with your kind
When everything seems lost
Hey everything seems lost
Blood on the ground balancing your mind

Your feet are dirty
Swinging for the stars
While the sun finaly dies
So make me worthy
This could be what we are
Our dirty feet may help us rise

Girl at the swing
A am longing for you
I can never stop day dreaming
My feet be bloody with you
Nothing holds forever

‘Cause everything seems lost
Hey everything seems lost
When you’re swinging all night
Waiting for the reaper
When everything seems lost
Say, is everything just lost ?
If i cannot be your knight, i will be your keeper.

Your feet are dirty
Scratching past the ground
While your heart swings a blazing light
And make me worthy
Swinging to the sound
My feet be dirty is that alright ?

For my feet to be dirty
Make my hands dirty
For my feet to be dirty
Make my hands dirty

‘Cause everything seemed lost
Hey everything seemed lost
The blood I found
Helped me swing arround
Track Name: A Need
After this other sleepless night
Try not to let it blur your sight
Just keep on searching
Find release
Down and inside
Something to tease

Just keep on searching
Find release
Down and inside
Something to tease

Deep in your mind written with blood
Can’t help yourself even if you would
Try to push it just stop to feed
In your inside you have a need

Nameless monster eats you alive
Fallin down and still sleep deprived

You don’t want no more wondering
Seems like the words started burning


After this other sleepless night
One thing is for sure you are blind
You stoped searching you lost your sight
Down and inside controls your mind

Take it all and let the anger strike
Don’t pretend it’s something you don’t like

Track Name: Homeless
We are never ready to mourn, never ready to grow.
One dies, the other’s worn. One day you’ll know.

You wake up this morning, the sunshine’s bright
Nobody came calling, something’s not right
No break first, no hello or goodbye
No “go brush your teeth”,
Nobody’s in the house.
(But) Don’t worry.
Get ready ‘cause your late.
You’re late for school anyway.

Your dad’s certainly not far
(And) your mom is with him in the car
Remember that a brother will come soon
They’re certainly left in the night
No time to wake you up
You’re not ready for flight
It’s no time to grow up

Five o’clock, the bell is ringing
Dreaming as always, today’s no exception
You wonder what color his eyes are.
Once home, daddy will be there to say X2

The door is closed, you’ve got the keys and know where to look.
You’re the eldest now, set the example.

Your dad is probably not far
With your mom counting there lucky stars
Once again cycle of life is unfolding
They’ll certainly call you tonight
A kiss by phone to make it up
Don’t feel ready for flight
It’s a bad time to grow up

No bearings dad ? Where are you now ?
If the sky had been gray you’d have stayed
But the sun is shining
You letting surprise in, like you didn’t know.

Your dad will always be so far
He left with three pieces of your heart
Please someone tell me where the fuck they are
There will not be a kiss goodbye
Memories are blowing up
You’re a big boy now X3
Cheer yourself up.
Track Name: Come(b)ack
Since when are you lying under ?
You don’t look so young
Oh tell me what are you waiting there
It seems all wrong
In this black room you can’t breath
The fire suffers to shine
Can’t breath * 6
Somebody’s… Crying
Drop more and more on the floor
The earth is going to become shoggy fed by the distress of the poors
More than a need to go outdoor
Wait for someone who will never comes
On this day you’d find yourself in a half
On the revenge side of this land
All hypocrites will be dead


You slowly go out of your bed
They’re all waiting for the show
Your hand springs out like the grave
They’re all devoted to the cause… Devoted to the cause.
Revenge, defend you land. No right or wrong anymore
Revenge, defend your land. So much blood on the floor.

Trying not to find a reason
Smaching and punching
Lying to your (own) motivations
There’s nothing
Trying not to hear their reasons
Killing and empaling on your land
Being loyal to your mission
Led by the wich you will stay… Insane.